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Reuters Just Uncovered The Moment Comey Turned On Trump

Reuters Just Uncovered The Moment Comey Turned On Trump

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The stench from Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey is wafting across the country. Something is rotten at the heart of our democracy, and even Republicans are starting to admit it. No thinking person buys into Trump’s story that he fired Comey over his handling of the Clinton emails, and the real reasons are starting to trickle out of Washington.

Reuters is reporting the latest piece in the Russia-shaped puzzle:

According to White House officials, Director Comey refused to`preview his Senate testimony for the Trump administration, leading them to push for his termination.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein demanded that Comey reveal in advance what he planned to say at his May 3rd hearing over the Clinton emails. The Trumpists were looking to flex their muscle and prove that they could keep Comey on a tight leash. His refusal revealed him as an independent actor rather than a pliant administration loyalist. No doubt this demonstration exacerbated their concerns over the future of the FBI’s Trump/Russia investigation.

Comey failed their loyalty test, and now he’s paying the price. This perceived transgression, on top of the fact that Comey never took action to dispel Trump/Russia suspicions, is said to have greatly angered the president.

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The FBI is supposed to be a nonpartisan organization. Whatever Comey’s shortcomings, his insistence on non-capitulation to the administration’s directives is admirable. It should alarm every American that Trump’s motivations for firing Comey are being increasingly revealed as purely pre-textual. He wanted to swat Comey, so he found an excuse to do it.

The future of the FBI investigation is unclear. Thankfully, the Senate has moved to carry on the torch. Trump/Russia has the potential to be the biggest scandal in American history. Every day we get a little bit closer to the truth.

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