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Russia’s Foreign Minister Just Mocked The American People On Twitter

Russia’s Foreign Minister Just Mocked The American People On Twitter

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A day after firing FBI Director James Comey for asking for more resources to investigate President Trump’s ties to the Russian Federation, Trump held a private meeting with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, behind closed doors with no American press present.

However, as seems to be a common theme in Trump’s life, it was Russian cameras which were trained on him – and the Russian Foreign Ministry took to Twitter to subtly mock the American press and people for electing a President who cares more about the Kremlin than he does the White House.

The MFA’s original tweet will not embed; here’s a different version of the video it contains:

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The feigned disbelief, the smirk at the end, and the deliberate decision to tweet out that particular moment makes it clear that the Russian government is trolling the American people for putting a Putinist puppet into the White House.

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After the meeting, the American press were finally allowed back into the Oval Office, where they found a bizarre sight:

Henry Kissinger, war criminal and President Nixon’s former Secretary of State. As if this entire sordid affair wasn’t Nixonian enough, Trump dug up a relic from the 70s’ and had him wheeled into the White House for unknown reasons. Perhaps he thinks the term “Nixonian” is a positive descriptor?

No matter how you frame it, there are truly bizarre events unfolding in Washington, the likes of which our nation has never seen before. The taint of treason stains this administration and all who dare defend it, and it’s only a matter of time before they are all brought to justice.

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