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Trump Just Got A Nasty Surprise On His Own Doorstep

Trump Just Got A Nasty Surprise On His Own Doorstep

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Americans are tired of watching their democracy crumble. Faith in the presidency is all but entirely eroded, and Congress has been slow to take action. Democrats are doing their best to bring down Trump’s illegitimate and possibly criminal regime, but the Republicans are still sandbagging any meaningful attempts.

Today, spurred on by the firing of FBI Director Comey, the American people took to the streets to protest Trump.

Hundreds of protestors gathered in front of the White House, invoking a time-honored means of pushing back against government wrongdoing.

The Washington Post reports that numerous liberal organizations came together to organize the event. The director of, Jo Comerford explained:

“Donald Trump just fired the one man in America who was leading the most thorough and long-lasting investigation of Donald Trump. There now is no question that we need an independent commission established immediately to ensure that there is a fair, non-partisan and independent investigation into Trump, his administration and his associates.”

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Although it would be quixotic to assume the protests will have an immediate effect, they serve a crucial part in the upwelling of resistance against Trump. They receive press coverage, and they make it clear to Congress that the citizenry demands action.

Until Trump is out of the White House, patriotic Americans must continue to make a stand.

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