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Trump Just ‘Called’ Putin To Discuss Comey’s Firing On Conan

Trump Just ‘Called’ Putin To Discuss Comey’s Firing On Conan

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Trump is the most dangerous joke ever told. He’s far too ignorant and erratic to have control of the nuclear codes, but he’s fun to mock, easy to ridicule. His racism, xenophobia, egotism, and incompetence make him a more than fair target. Already, Trump is on his way to becoming the most ridiculed president in history, as the number of jokes told about him on late-night talk shows continues to skyrocket.

In Conan’s latest Trump takedown, he presents a series of hilarious phone calls between Trump and Putin.


With the FBI and Senate investigations into Trump’s Russia connections heating up, hopefully Americans will have the last laugh when this corrupt regime is thrown out of the White House.

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