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Trump Just Made A Pathetic Revelation In A Time Magazine Interview

Trump Just Made A Pathetic Revelation In A Time Magazine Interview

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President Trump has grown increasingly frustrated with the news coverage of him and his administration, as he has indicated in late night tweets calling the press “dishonest” and charging the nation’s biggest newspapers and TV networks with putting out “fake news.”

In a new in-depth interview with Time Magazine out today, Trump shares his belief that he is getting “a raw deal” in the news coverage of his administration. Trump says he has done so much since becoming president but the media ignores his accomplishments and blows his mistakes out of proportion. It frustrates him greatly.

Trump says he thought there would be a level of detente with the press after the campaign ended but instead he believes the negative coverage is getting “worse.”

“It’s one of the things that surprises me,” he said, adding that he takes it personally. “The truth is,” adds Trump, “I got a raw deal,”

Now, Trump has found a solution. He has stopped watching and listening. 

“I’ve been able to do something that I never thought I had the ability to do,” Trump told Time. “I’ve been able not to watch or read things that aren’t pleasant.”

For a long time, Trump felt he had to hear, see, and know everything being said about him, but no more.

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“It’s an ability I never thought I’d have. I never thought I’d have the ability to say, they’re doing a big story on me on CNN and I won’t watch it,” Trump told Time. “And it’s amazing, it doesn’t matter.

Among the networks he no longer watches is CNN. He says CNN anchor Chris Cuomo looks like a “chained lunatic.” He says CNN’s Don Lemon is “perhaps the dumbest person in broadcasting.”

He calls Stephen Colbert, whose “The Late Show” on CBS has soared to the top of the late-night ratings since its nightly Trump-watch, a “no-talent guy.”

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Trump said he used to religiously watch “Morning Joe” on MSNBC but no longer watches it at all. He is known to instead watch Fox News – a lot – because it agrees with him.

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Among print outlets he no longer reads, Trump listed The Washington Post and The New York Times. “They’re really, really dishonest,” says Trump.

Trump even told the reporters interviewing him in the White House that Time Magazine, at times, was pretty dishonest as well.

Trump clearly likes living in a bubble where all he hears from the sycophants around him and all he watches on TV is good news about his administration. He is like an ostrich that buries its head in the sand to avoid seeing the predators around him.

“In terms of your own self,” he explains, “it’s a very, very good thing. The equilibrium is much better.”

That might be a good idea for a disturbed mental patient but it is a terrible thing for the President of the United States to do.

By being increasingly insular, Trump is not hearing the wide range of opinions and ideas that he should be considering in order to make the best possible decisions. 

Instead, he only listens to Republicans who need his support and spends most of his time with his family and employees or other billionaires who tell him what he wants to hear.

Now he has cut out the one voice in the wilderness inside his head that has stood up to him, America’s free and independent press. 

As the world gets more complicated, his problems grow in magnitude and his lies catch up with him, by not getting the whole picture Trump is setting himself up for a great fall.

The only question is how much damage he will do the nation, the world, and to all Americans on his way down.

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