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Trump Just Praised Russia At America’s Expense To Defend His Comey Firing

Trump Just Praised Russia At America’s Expense To Defend His Comey Firing

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The internet erupted today when President Tump tweeted a real head scratcher about the Trump-Russia investigation.

First, here’s the tweet:

Laughing up their sleeves?  Yeah, we weren’t sure what this meant either.  At first glance, it appears to be a mixed metaphor, or maybe something the President just invented, as he’s famous for doing, apparently.

The Twitterverse was relentless:

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Even though this sounds like more of the word vomit the President has become famous for, “laughing their sleeves off” is, in fact, an old British idiom popularized in the early 1800s.  The Twitter account for Merriam webster has a history of trolling the President, but today they came to his defense.

How President Trump – who thinks he invented an 100 year-old expression and used it for the first time ever yesterday – knew how exactly to utilize this 200 year-old idiom, is another story entirely.

But the real issue is, why does the President appear to be taking Russia’s side in this investigation?  He’s kicking America’s intelligence community down a peg just to make a point that also elevates Russia.  Imagine if Barrack Obama made that same joke.  Republicans would be clammoring for impeachment.


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