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Trump Just Signed A Ridiculous Executive Order To Distract From The Russia Investigation

Trump Just Signed A Ridiculous Executive Order To Distract From The Russia Investigation

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In Trump’s deluded, orange head he’s still on the campaign trail. He loved running, loved the cheering crowds, and absolutely hates trying to govern. He regularly brings up his electoral win, going so far as to distribute printouts of the map to reporters, and having it framed in the White House.

A huge sore spot for the egomaniac has been that Hillary Clinton crushed him in the popular vote by roughly 3 million votes. Unable to accept that more Americans wanted her as president, Trump has repeatedly – and utterly erroneously – claimed that he would have won the popular vote if millions of illegal votes hadn’t been counted. Not only has no proof of such fraud emerged, every study and investigation refutes the idea that such misconduct occurs. Now Trump is taking drastic action to soothe his ego.

Trump just signed an executive order to investigate nonexistent widespread voting fraud in the 2016 election.


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The order serves a few sinister purposes. It supports Trump’s fraudulent narrative and makes the childish president feel better about his loss. Secondly, it help distracts from the Russian investigation. Thirdly, and perhaps worst of all, it paves the way for future voter suppression. Republicans love to block potential voters, because larger turnout generally favors Democrats. The order and ensuing mock investigation, could give them pretext to stomp down on voters.

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Trump knows he will have a hard time winning reelection, so he’s already setting out to fix the election in his favor.

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