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Trump Just Threatened FBI Director Comey. Comey’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Just Threatened FBI Director Comey. Comey’s Response Is Perfect

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Trump simply can’t leave well enough alone. His unceremonious firing of FBI Director James Comey could have immediately turned Comey against him. Instead, Comey accepted the termination with grace, saying that the president has a right to fire his FBI Director. Instead of accepting that, Trump went on to attack and insult Comey in the press.

It culminated today in a mad, guilt-ridden tweet from Trump:

Trump graduated from insulting Comey, to threatening him. Ignoring the obvious shades of Nixon coloring the Tweet, the fact that Trump simply can’t keep his mouth shut seems to point to paranoia, or at the very least fear of being exposed. Apparently, Comey is getting sick of the attacks.

A reporter from NBC just revealed Comey’s feeling on Trump’s tweet:

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Clearly, Comey knows he conducted himself with propriety, and it seems highly likely that Trump’s version of events is riddled with lies. Furthermore, ABC reports that they have sources stating that Comey is “furious” at the way the White House disrespected him. The sources also expect a response from Comey sometime soon.

An analyst from MSNBC also says that Comey’s modus operandi is one of diligence and self-protection. It’s likely Comey has evidence in his backpocket to refute Trump should he need to:

Trump can’t help but make enemies. Comey was well liked at the FBI, and Trump’s actions have turned the agency against the White House. Despite his shortcomings, Comey is a competent, intelligent man. Trump, an incompetent ignoramus, could not have chosen a worse enemy.

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