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Trump’s Press Secretary Lied About Comey’s Firing. Bush’s Spokesperson’s Response Is Great

Trump’s Press Secretary Lied About Comey’s Firing. Bush’s Spokesperson’s Response Is Great

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Trump’s presidency has been a tsunami of mistakes and incompetency, and the traditionally fraught – but trusted – relationship between the White House and the press has been destroyed in the ensuing waves. The administration has quickly eroded every bit of their credibility by repeatedly lying to the American people, only to frequently reverse afterwards, exposing their own mendacity in the process.

The latest press debacle ensued after the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Sarah Huckabee Sanders – as acting White House Press Secretary – said that that Trump hadn’t decided to fire Comey until after Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein suggested it. The next day, Trump did an interview where he said on camera that he had already decided on his own to fire Comey before receiving Rosenstein’s memo. The contradiction was only the latest in a long string. Not only is the administration riddled with liars, it’s riddled with bad liars.

Today, Nicolle Wallace, former communications director for George W. Bush tore into the deceitful administration:

“I cannot overstate how extraordinary it is. I worked in a White House that was far from perfect, but I never was asked to go out and lie and I was never caught in a lie by a president who went out and contradicted me. What the president does over and over again is create a reality that is completely detached from the reality that he believed in hours before” she said on NBC news.

Her indignation and disbelief culminated in a succinct and truly depressing summary of the damage Trump has done already:

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“That White House podium used to mean something, and now they send them out to say whatever.”

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The Trump regime has no interest in the truth. What’s more, it seems they have no interest in even the illusion of truth. Donald has no problem sending his minions out to lie, only to immediately pull the rug out from under them, knocking them right onto their lying faces.

A president has a responsibility to be honest with the American people, but responsibility is something that Trump is incapable of demonstrating.

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