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Dan Rather Just Gave Trump Great Advice To Fix His Failing Presidency

Dan Rather Just Gave Trump Great Advice To Fix His Failing Presidency

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Dan Rather has quickly established himself as one of Trump’s most eloquent enemies. The veteran general of the fourth estate has kept a running critical commentary on the administration’s constant mistakes, wrongdoings, and general idiocy. Today, he posted a brief, but insightful message on his Facebook page:

“A sign of a failing leader is he who blames subordinates for problems of his own making.

There is a lot of speculation today about a major shakeup in the communications team in the Trump White House. Say what you want about Sean Spicer, and there is plenty to say about him that might be better left to Melissa McCarthy, but the disastrous press President Trump is getting comes from the top. Maybe instead of re-arranging his spokespeople he would do better just to shut down his Twitter account and to speak with a bit more knowledge and coherence in his interviews.

But you get the sense it would just be easier for him to look for scapegoats.”

Rather’s comments come on the tail end of a turbulent week for the White House. Trump and his aides repeatedly contradicted each other, in particular with their explanations¬†for the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Trump seems pathologically incapable of taking responsibility for anything he does, and so he constantly blames everything on his team.

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As usual, Dan Rather has given voice to what a lot of us are thinking. Trump is a coward and a weak president. A failing leader indeed.

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