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A Top Congressman Just Revealed Republicans’ Trump End Game On “Real Time”

A Top Congressman Just Revealed Republicans’ Trump End Game On “Real Time”

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In an interview with Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Bill Maher found out exactly why Republicans are still supporting the embattled and unpopular President.

“They all want something from this President before the wheels come completely off the wagon,” Schiff explained. “They want their tax cuts, they want their regulatory repeal of all the mining regulations, etc. And then they’ll find their spine.”

At a moment in time when Trump is particularly controversial, having just fired the FBI Director – in the midst of his investigation into the President – and on the verge of taking health insurance away from at least 24 million Americans, it seems not only unconscionable but un-American to continue to support him.

Maher even cuts to a clip of a town hall in which a constituent berates his Republican representative:

“We need a bipartisan select committee to investigate this. When are you going to open your eyes? We all see it. You don’t see what’s going on? You don’t see it? When are you going to decide to be an American and not a politician?”

The sad truth is, though, that Republicans in Congress are not putting country before party. They are willing to sacrifice the very democracy they were sworn to uphold if it means they can manipulate the system yet further in their favor. And they have the temerity to call themselves the real “patriots.”

Watch the entire exchange below:

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