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The Pundits Who Broke The Trump Grand Jury Bombshell Just Broke Another One

The Pundits Who Broke The Trump Grand Jury Bombshell Just Broke Another One

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A pair of intrepid investigators who have previously unearthed serious scoops in the ever-escalating Trump-Russia scandal just announced they have a potential bombshell on their hands.

Former British MP turned internet sleuth Louise Mensch and Clinton White House veteran Claude Taylor are reporting that their sources in the intelligence community have issued an indictment against President Trump by a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court to serve as “the basis for impeachment.”

This sealed indictment would only be unsealed in the event of impeachment proceedings against Trump, which makes it useless for now – but could be the ticking time bomb that sends Trump out of the Oval Office and into a federal prison.

Louise Mensch and Taylor have risen to the head of the post-election emergence of  “Russia experts” and Twitter sleuths who piece together circumstantial evidence into conspiracy theories and sometimes – in the case of the shamefully thirsty “Palmer Report” blog especially – outright fake news.

Mensch and Taylor have become heroes among internet Russophobes and liberals who desperately seize upon and cling to any shred of evidence that that might bring about an abrupt end to Trump’s presidency for each nailing one important scoop.

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In October 2016, Mensch correctly reported on Rupert-Murdoch-owned blog HeatStreet that the FBI had been granted a FISA warrant to monitor the communications of Trump campaign members with Russian agents, the target of which was recently confirmed to be Trump advisor Carter Page.

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A few days ago, Taylor reported that grand juries have convened in response to the Trump-Russia investigation, which was confirmed to be true by CNN. The grand juries had issued subpoenas to “associates of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn seeking business records.”

But this must be all taken with a grain of salt. Mensch believes that Putin assassinated conservative deity Andrew Breitbart, that Russia was behind the riots in Ferguson, Missouri following the murder of Michael Brown by police officers, and has accused 210 different people as diverse as Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sean Hannity of being Russian agents.

Claude Taylor now works as a photographer and has not been in the political game for nearly twenty years. When he did work in the White House, he worked in the Volunteer Office – hardly shoulder-to-shoulder with intelligence spooks. He’s also previously reported that Trump was considering resigning, that Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) was going to resign the next day and that he was being blackmailed by the Russians over an extramarital affair. Chaffetz is still in Congress.

So while the sources may be questionable, we can’t discount the fact that they’ve come through in a big spot before. This just shows us why we need an independent prosecutor to bring all the facts out into the open and relieve us from having to rely on citizen journalists and the amorphously ethereal “anonymous sources.”

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