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Trump Just Got Outed As A Wire Tapper. Preet Bharara’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Just Got Outed As A Wire Tapper. Preet Bharara’s Response Is Perfect

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Preet Bharara, the former US Attorney fired by Trump in March, is tweeting his revenge, and it is both sweet and funny.

Bharara was unceremoniously removed from his position leading the Justice Department’s Southern District of New York (along with every other US Attorney appointed by the Obama Administration) as calls for an investigation into Russian meddling in the American electoral process were rising to a fever pitch.

His axing took place shortly after his boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, was forced to recuse himself from all matters involving Russia after perjuring himself during his confirmation hearing due to his own secret contacts with our primary international rival. This was even after Bharara had been told by Trump that he would be staying on in that position.

Now Bharara has responded to Trump’s tweet in which POTUS warned former FBI Director James Comey to “hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”

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Bharara harkened back to Trump’s claims that the Obama Administration “wiretapped” him at Trump Towers before the inauguration last year, claims that then FBI Director James Comey publicly refuted in front of Congress. Comey’s refusal to kowtow to Trump over these delusional accusations is widely cited as one of the reasons for his dismissal.

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The kicker here is the link to the Wall Street Journal report that three separate former employees of Trump saw him tape phone calls at Trump Tower before he was President. While taping phone calls is legal in New York as long as one participant in the call is aware of it, it’s ironic that Trump was so outraged by the unproven belief that someone else was doing exactly what he himself had no compunctions about. Perhaps his paranoia stems from projection?

Case closed, indeed. Now it’s time to move onto the next case, impeachment!

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