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Trump Just Leaked Intel To Russia. Obama’s Speechwriter’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Just Leaked Intel To Russia. Obama’s Speechwriter’s Response Is Perfect

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President Obama’s former speechwriter Jon Favreau’s reaction to the news that Trump revealed classified top secret information to the Russian ambassador last week shows the real breach among the political parties in America today.

In October 2016, after FBI Director James Comey cleared Hillary Clinton in an investigation of her use of a private email server but said she had been careless, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) demanded she no longer receives briefings of classified information.

Now it is Trump who is under fire for firing Comey, and Clinton who has shown she is far more trustworthy than the current president.

Ryan has repeatedly shown that he is a Trump loyalist and will not criticize the president in public no matter how terrible his actions or how big the size of his lies.

Favreau, now 36-years-old, was a speechwriter for John Kerry in his 2004 campaign when he met then-Senator Barack Obama. In 2005 he joined Obama as a speechwriter and became close to the future president, who called him his “mind reader.”

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He became a White House speechwriter in 2009 after Obama was elected.

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Since January 2017, Favreau has been a host of a political podcast called “Pod Save America,” along with Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor and Daniel Pfeiffer.



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