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Trump Just Shared Secret Intel With Russia. Cory Booker’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Just Shared Secret Intel With Russia. Cory Booker’s Response Is Perfect

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The outcry over Trump’s revealing of classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak is rapidly spreading. This latest presidential blunder is impossible to defend, and under normal circumstances would be grounds for immediate Articles of Impeachment. Whether or not Republicans will finally grow a collective spine and take action remains to be seen.

Democrats on the other hand are not waiting till Trump has another opportunity to betray his country, and are already speaking out.

Senator Cory Booker just issued a statement on the Russian intel leak:

Booker has been an outspoken advocate for progressive values since Trump descended upon the White House in January. His statement crystallizes what Americans on both sides of the political divide are feeling after today’s revelations. It’s becoming more and more apparent that not only is Trump an incompetent president, but also a deeply dangerous one.

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Trump has demonstrated flagrant disrespect for the men and women serving in our intelligence and military services. In his ego-driven mania to show off for the Russians, Trump revealed information that the U.S. Government hadn’t even shared with its closest allies. Had President Obama done something even close to what Trump has done, the Republicans would have tore him apart, calling him weak on national security. The Democrats are doing their part, now it’s time for the Republicans to show just a scrap of integrity and denounce Trump.


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