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Trump Just Shared Secret Intel With Russia. A Republican Senator’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Just Shared Secret Intel With Russia. A Republican Senator’s Response Is Perfect

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The Republicans have repeatedly failed to stand up to Trump. With each new White House scandal, a wave of defensive downplaying and excuses for the blundering president rolls forth from the Republican party. There seems to be no limit to how far the Republicans will sink to defend Trump. Today, they may have finally reached their breaking point.

The Washington Post just revealed that Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian ambassador during his visit to the Oval Office last week. While the right wing media scrambles to figure out how they’ll spin the story, Bob Corker – the Republican Chairmen of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – has stepped forward to criticize Trump.

“To compromise a source is something that you just don’t do. That’s why we keep the information that we get from intelligence sources so close, is to prevent that from happening,” Corker said.

In a short period of time, Trump’s administration has quickly made great strides to establish itself as the most incompetent in American history. While there have been numerous blunders already, this revelation threatens to be the most damaging.

During the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly railed against Hillary Clinton, alleging that she mishandled classified information. Now, he’s done something far worse than anything he ever accused her of. Clinton’s possible mishandling of emails pales in comparison Trump directly giving away highly classified intel to Russia.

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The information in question had to do with a secret source within the Islamic State. The information was so important and so guarded that the U.S. government had not even revealed it to its allies, for fear of risking blowing the agent’s cover. Trump has now put the agent in risk by spilling the secret to Russia, the country that fired FBI Director James Comey previously called “the greatest threat of any nation on Earth.”

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There are only two possible conclusions that can be drawn from this stunning revelation. Either Trump is too stupid to keep quiet about state secrets around Russian officials, or he is actively working for them to betray the United States. Both are not only reasonable grounds for impeachment, they demand it. Thankfully, with Bob Corker’s move, at least one Republican has now officially stepped forward to criticize Trump’s treasonous behavior. If the rest of the party has even a shred of patriotism, this is their chance to do the same.

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