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CNN Just Dropped Another Comey Bombshell That May Spell The End For Trump

CNN Just Dropped Another Comey Bombshell That May Spell The End For Trump

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If the President and his Republican allies thought that firing former FBI Director James Comey would make their problems go away – at least from the public’s view – they were sadly mistaken.

CNN is reporting tonight that Comey has chronicled, “everything he could remember” after multiple conversations and meetings he had with the President.  Like a trail of bread crumbs in the forrest, the sacked FBI director left a trail of memos and other documentation for his agents and the media to follow.

Comey was so appalled by the request that he wanted to document it, the source said. Comey shared it with FBI senior officials, according to the source.  Why did he do it?  Comey would write down everything that happened — the good and the bad.  ‘Everything he could remember,’ the source said.
‘You realize something momentous has happened and memories fade so he wanted to memorialize it at the earliest time,’ the source said. The source said it was not common practice for Comey to document conversations with senior officials unless he thought it was significant.”
The mere threat of more memos to come at least in part explains the fumbled response from the White House so far.  Yesterday, when a firestorm erupted after news broke that Trump may have leaked highly classified intelligence to Russian officials, the President ordered National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster to give an impromptu press conference in the driveway of the West Wing to try and put a damper on the flames.
The only thing the administration has managed to cobble together in defense of the President today, by comparison, is a hastily worded statement that offers no rebuttal to any of the damning claims in the New York Times article.

The firing of James Comey has turned the steady ‘drip-drip-drip’ of scandals that have irritated this administration since the early days of the transition into a full blown flood.

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