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A New Poll Just Came Out That Should Have Trump Packing His Bags

A New Poll Just Came Out That Should Have Trump Packing His Bags

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Most Presidents ignore polls once they’re in the White House, at least publicly.  They know that touting polls when they’re favorable, or when they show public support for something the administration wants to do, opens them up to criticism when the public sentiment swings the other way.

If we’ve learned anything about Donald Trump, however, it’s that he’s not ‘most presidents.’  He’s always willing to talk about polls, no matter how hypocritical he may come off.  Since the earliest days of his candidacy, he’s boastfully touted polls when they’ve favored him, and derisively dismissed them as ‘fake news’ when they haven’t – even if the polling outlet is the same.

And so we know what category he’ll file today’s poll released by Public Policy Polling under.  Their poll found that 48% of Americans supported impeaching President Trump, and only 41% opposed impeachment.  This is significant because it’s the first time more Americans have supported impeachment than have opposed it.

More from the Public Policy Polling poll:

Only 40% of voters approve of the job Trump is doing to 54% who disapprove.

Only 43% of voters think Trump is actually going to end up serving his full term as President, while 45% think he won’t, and 12% aren’t sure one way or the other.

By an 8 point margin, 49/41, they say they wish Hillary Clinton was President instead of Trump.

By a 16 point margin, 55/39, they say they wish Barack Obama was still in office instead of Trump. 

Even more damning for the President: this poll was put in the field after President Trump’s controversial firing of FBI Director James Comey, but before yesterday’s Washington Post bombshell report that he may have revealed code-word classified information to Russian officials in the Oval Office.

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Who knows how far his poll numbers will fall when all of that is factored in.

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