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Stephen Colbert Just Destroyed Trump For His Scandal-Ridden Week

Stephen Colbert Just Destroyed Trump For His Scandal-Ridden Week

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After an unprecedented week in which Trump became embroiled in even more controversy, CBS’ “The Late Show” continued its assault on the scandal-ridden President.

Colbert broke down the events of the past week:

“Donald Trump admitted to firing the man in charge of investigating his Russian ties, then he met with Russian diplomats—a meeting that was arranged by Vladimir Putin and which we only saw because Russian photographers were in there to take photos, and at that meeting he admits he gave Russian diplomats classified information.”

“For perspective on this, let’s go live to presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin. Doris, what’s your reaction?”

He then cut to the iconic “What’s happening?” clip from the film Poltergeist.

From there, Colbert referenced Senator Bob Corker’s (R-TN) statement in which he said that the White House is in a “downward spiral.”

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Colbert, seeking a “metaphorical foreshadowing of that,” threw to the famous clip of Trump taking the elevator down after announcing his candidacy for President in Trump Tower.

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“Corker wasn’t the only one angry about mishandling classified info,” Colbert continued. “Another top Republican weighed in, and he did not mince words.”

Colbert cuts to a clip of Trump himself addressing his supporters at a campaign rally:

“We can’t have someone in the Oval Office who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘confidential’ or ‘classified,’” Trump shouted to a raucous crowd.

“I gotta say, and I don’t care if this is taken out of context,” Colbert said. “I completely agree with Donald Trump.”

As he continues his fall from grace, Trump’s actions are making it easy for comedians like Colbert to skewer the embattled President. It is not surprising, though, that someone as grossly unqualified to be President as Trump has become the laughing stock of not only the United States, but the international community.

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