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Trump Compromised Israel By Leaking Intel. Israel’s Response Is Chilling

Trump Compromised Israel By Leaking Intel. Israel’s Response Is Chilling

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The domestic outcry over Trump’s leaking of classified intel to Russia has been unsurprisingly clamorous. Now,  the international community is responding in similar fashion. The New York Times has revealed that Israel was the source of the information, and that Trump has directly endangered their agents by carelessly talking to Russia, a close ally of Iran, Israel’s avowed enemy. Israel wasted no time in responding to the egregious betrayal of trust.

Buzzfeed reports that two Israeli intelligence officers confirmed that their country was the source of the information Trump gave the Russians, which pertained to an ISIS plot to smuggle explosives hidden inside electronics onto planes. The Israeli officers said of Trump’s leaking:

“To know that this intelligence is shared with others, without our prior knowledge? That is, for us, our worst fears confirmed.” They explained further, “We have an arrangement with America which is unique to the world of intelligence sharing. We do not have this relationship with any other country.”

Republicans claim to be the party of national security. They attacked Obama for eight years claiming he was “weak on foreign policy.” They mocked his landmark Iran deal, saying it was too soft on the theocratic regime. Now, their deep rooted hypocrisy has been revealed. Their president, the leader of their party, has all but delivered Israeli agents into the hands of Iran. Trump is not only weak when it comes to our enemies, he’s incompetent.

Trump’s ignorance and obliviousness is quickly destroying the intelligence shield that protects the United States from foreign aggressions. Now that he has been exposed as a dangerous, egomaniacal blabbermouth, Trump will certainly be a huge cause of concern for international intelligence agencies who will no longer want to share intel for fear of their sources being revealed. The Israeli officer broke it down:

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“There has to be trust for this sort of arrangement. I cannot speak for Israel’s entire security apparatus, but I would not trust a partner who shared intelligence without coordinating it with us first.”

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Buzzfeed also reports that many other Israeli intelligence officers are “boiling mad and demanding answers.”

It remains to be seen how the Republicans will react. Had they any semblance of integrity, they’d strongly denounce Trump’s indefensible move. If they lose their claim to national security, they forfeit the last flimsy pillar upon which their hollow party stands. Trump is destroying the GOP, hopefully he doesn’t destroy the United States first.

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