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National Security Officials Just Revealed Their Genius Trick To Get Trump To Read Memos

National Security Officials Just Revealed Their Genius Trick To Get Trump To Read Memos

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President Trump’s inability to comprehend the finer points of foreign policy have proved less of a challenge for intelligence officials than his notoriously short attention span, which often prevents him from consuming even the most basic facts.

In the last week, Trump has shown himself unable to wrap his mind around information as basic as the pronunciation of foreign leaders’ names and withholding classified details from adversarial nations.

Officials at the National Security Counsel (NSC) have found a band-aid for the situation. A source told Reuters that the NSC has begun to strategically include Trump’s name in “as many paragraphs as we can because he keeps reading if he’s mentioned.

Though it may seem absurd that the world’s foremost intelligence and security experts need to resort to the gimmicks of a babysitter to get the President of the United States to do the most fundamental tasks of the job he was elected to do, the strategy may be as brilliant as any concocted by the NSC.

Trump made clear from his first days in office that he does not like memos longer than a page. He likes charts, maps, and visual aids — pictures. And, as any casual Trump observer from the last 30 years can tell you, what he really likes is his own name. He likes to see it plastered on buildings, planes, fake universities, and a variety of sham and failed business ventures.

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The problem remains that Trump cannot comprehend the information he consumes, but the NSC, for now, seems to have found a way to lead Trump to the second paragraph. If they pump up the font and print his name in gold, they may even be able to get him to a second page.

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