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The Senate Just Gave Trump A Serious Comey Memo Ultimatum

The Senate Just Gave Trump A Serious Comey Memo Ultimatum

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The walls of the Oval Office are rapidly closing in around Donald J. Trump, and it seems soon he’ll be booted out of a presidency that he was never qualified for or deserving of. In the wake of the bombshell news that FBI Director Comey wrote a memo stating that Trump asked him to stop the investigation into Russia-compromised National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Congress has been spurred to action. Several committees have already ordered the FBI to hand over the memo in question, as well as any additional memos Comey wrote about Trump.

Now the Senate Judiciary Committee is taking another step to get the full story. Last week Trump wrote a Tweet geared towards intimidating Comey into silence.

The clear implication of the Tweet is that Trump has been secretly taping his conversations. He may soon regret it.

The Senate Judiciary Committee just sent an official request to the White House, asking for any memos or recordings pertaining to Comey and the Russian investigation.

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The situation is lose-lose for Trump. Either it’s revealed that no such tapes exist and he’s caught in another lie, or the tapes do exist, and all manner of damning recordings spill out into the public arena. If the White House refuses to hand the recordings over, the Judiciary Committee can subpoena them, at which point the administration will be legally compelled to release them.

Perhaps most telling, this request is bipartisan, meaning that Republicans are finally, grudgingly, starting to put country before party. The wheels of our checks and balances are turning, and soon the Trump presidency will be crushed beneath them.

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