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Stephen Colbert Just Roasted Trump And Spicer Like No One Else Can

Stephen Colbert Just Roasted Trump And Spicer Like No One Else Can

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It was a tough day for President Trump, who must now await the judgment of the new special counsel, but it was a happy, joyous day for comedian Stephen Colbert, who Trump just last week called a “no talent guy” whose humor is “filthy.”

Colbert was front and center as the CBS television network made its annual presentation of the upcoming fall schedule to advertisers and the media at Carnegie Hall in New York City. He opened the show in top hat and tails doing a song and dance number.

He then proceeded to roast the president with humorous comments dripping with sarcasm. 

“It’s been a great year for Late Show,” said Colbert, adding that he wanted to give credit where it was due for his success, “I could not have done it without a visionary leader, a legend of television who made the ‘Late Show’ what it is. Thank you, Donald Trump.”

“It is an honor every night to be on stage and talk about that day’s Trump scandal,” added Colbert. “Unfortunatley, the hour I’m spending on stage often means I’m missing the breaking news of tomorrow’s Trump scandal. So by the time my monologue airs, I can sound as out-of-touch of what’s going on at the White House as Sean Spicer does.”

Colbert then jabbed again at Spicer, “I don’t know if you have seen him lately…[but it] helps to have a pair of hedge trimmers around.”

Colbert also made reference to the FCC investigation that began about two weeks ago after the comic made a joke about Trump and Russian President Putin that some have called “homophobic.”

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“I don’t know if you heard,” joked Colbert, “but the president recently had some harsh things to say about me. He said my language is not appropriate for the ‘Late Show’ because kids are watching. Who says only old people watch CBS?Clearly, we’re number one in the coveted demo of six to twelve politically engaged insomniacs.”

“There’s really only one word to describe this president,” said Colbert, “and the FCC has asked me not to use it anymore.”

“I understand if the president doesn’t particularly like my show,” added Colbert. “But thankfully, like his votes on election day, he is in the minority because right now the ‘Late Show’ is number one in late night.”

“I will say,” said Colbert, “the president and I do have some things in common – we’re both TV hosts who spend most of our time talking about Donald Trump. Of course, unlike Mr. Trump, my guests know they’re being taped.”

Colbert concluded by introducing the new CBS fall schedule with one final poke at the president: “Today, you will learn about our exciting new fall lineup, unless the president has already leaked it to Russia.”

At this point, it looks like Colbert will probably have the last laugh, and a longer run in his job than Trump will have in his.

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