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Trump Just Appointed Sheriff Clarke To Homeland Security. Chelsea Clinton’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Just Appointed Sheriff Clarke To Homeland Security. Chelsea Clinton’s Response Is Perfect

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David Clarke, the Milwaukee County Sheriff and conservative firebrand, just accepted an appointment as an assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security. Chelsea Clinton retweeted a series of tweets that show, quite clearly, her thoughts on the appointment:

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The tweets come from Bradd Jaffy, senior news editor at NBC News. Jaffy referred to the widely-known fact that multiple people, including a baby, have died while in Clarke’s Milwaukee County Jail. One man, who had mental health issues, died of “profound dehydration” after his water was cut off for seven days. And another woman was forced to give birth while in shackles.

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Per ThinkProgress:

According to a federal lawsuit filed on March 14, plaintiff Melissa Hall was shackled before, during, and after childbirth at a local hospital in 2013. A “belly chain” was allegedly wrapped around her waist when she needed to use the restroom, and she had “her wrists attached to the waist and her legs attached to one another by leg-irons.” Hall claims the jail deputies also denied medical providers’ request to take the chains off her during childbirth, which made it difficult for those providers to give her an epidural.

With this appointment, Trump has proven yet again that he values loyalty over qualifications. Clarke’s controversial past – including overseeing a jail in which multiple deaths were declared homicides and being sued three times – should already preclude this degenerate from running any institution whatsoever, much less a top government department. With an approval rating at a dismal 31 percent, though, perhaps Trump is bringing him on board only so there is a weaker link in the room.

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