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Madeline Albright Was Just Asked If Trump Has Something To Hide. Her Answer Is Perfect

Madeline Albright Was Just Asked If Trump Has Something To Hide. Her Answer Is Perfect

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Madeline Albright,  the highly respected former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, was asked on CNN’s New Day today:  If President Trump has nothing to hide, why doesn’t he welcome the special counsel who can clear the air?

“Exactly,” responded Albright. “He should have done that. His initial reaction is always to see the wrong side. That is what troubles me. He is somebody that sees something in a very legitimate approach to something that is against him and he could, in fact, welcome it.”

Albright had high praise for the choice of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as the special counsel to look into the Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, and Trump’s role. “I think it was a very good appointment,” said Albright. “I’m glad it was done.”

When asked about Trump’s tweet that no special prosecutor was appointed to look into all the illegal things Hillary Clinton did, Albright expressed her disappointment with the president.

“The president’s reaction is actually ridiculous” said Albright, “because he is demeaning something that could in fact help solve a lot of situations and I think it is typical of his approach to the way he sees things that he is concerned about might affect his own posture. I think it’s unfortunate. he could have welcomed it.”

As she was being interviewed, Trump tweeted that he was suffering from the greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history. Host Chris Cuomo asked Albright for her reaction.

“First of all,” said Albright, “I’m always amazed that everything he does has to be the greatest. Yesterday, when he was talking to the Coast Guard Academy, his things about him the greatest problem in American history! Everything is the greatest. I think he needs to keep his mind on what is going to be a very important trip.”

That trip is Trump’s first official visit to foreign countries since his inauguration. His trip is scheduled to include visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican and the G7 meetings.

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Albright is very worried that Trump may not be ready to the challenge of dealing with the many issues he will have to face.

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“What keeps me up at night is that, in fact, this president is not well enough prepared to deal with the myriad of issues out there which are very complicated,” Albright said.

Albright also expressed concern about the lack of a full team working in the State Department, and the distractions of what is happening inside the White House, and around the Russia-Trump investigations.

“That’s what worries me,” added Albright, “because there is an awful lot happening and we have a president that doesn’t seem to do his homework.”

Albright had one other piece of advice for Trump:

“Ii hope,” said Albright, “that there is not one single tweet about anything during the nine days that he is gone.”

That is good advice on what is likely to be an important journey dealing with many highly sensitive situations; but if history is a guide, Trump is unlikely to be able to keep his little hands off his phone and his ego deep into his Twitter account.

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