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Mike Pence Just Began Making Preparations For The End Of The Trump Administration

Mike Pence Just Began Making Preparations For The End Of The Trump Administration

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If President Donald Trump’s administration is the Titanic, Vice-President Mike Pence is the first officer, who, having watched the captain crash into an iceberg, is now about to jump ship.

As Bloomberg reports, Pence has seen the writing on the wall and has set up his own leadership PAC. A Vice-President setting up a means to receive privately donated finances is extremely strange:

It’s unusual for vice presidents to set up their own fundraising vehicles. Neither Joseph Biden nor Dick Cheney, the two vice presidents who preceded Pence, had one while in office. It’s not entirely unprecedented, though: George H.W. Bush formed the Fund for America’s Future when he was preparing for his 1988 presidential run.

Pence says his PAC, Great America Committee, will enable him to channel money to congressional Republicans ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. The committee’s registration was posted yesterday on the Federal Election Commission’s website.

Senior Adviser to Pence, Nick Ayers, made a statement saying, “The Vice President is playing a leading role in passing legislation on the Hill. He wants to support House and Senate members who are helping pass the president’s agenda.”

Yeah, right.

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pence isn’t fooling anyone. It is likely that he knows his days in the White House as Vice-President are numbered, and this move represents his preparations for the election battles to come.

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This view is confirmed by Sheila Krumholz, an executive director for the Center for Responsible Politics:

“Launching a leadership PAC sometimes signals an intent to run for higher office, which in Pence’s case, has been a topic of public interest ever since he was first nominated.”

Planning for the PAC supposedly began in December. What a convenient coincidence its registration was only filed this morning amid what is arguably the biggest crisis for the Trump administration since the President took office.

The PAC’s purpose is to manage a database of donors and supporters and pay for Pence’s political activities, thereby reducing the burden on Trump’s campaign budget.

That is if Trump even runs a campaign.

While Trump is bad news, the saving grace is that he is unhinged, incompetent and has little to no political experience. The damage he can do is somewhat limited by these factors and the fact that he is not a politically cunning man.

Mike Pence is the opposite, and arguably a worse human being.

The man hates women and wants the government to control what they can do with their own bodies, he is also a Christian supremacist and has a long, long relationship with the Prince and DeVos families (also Christian Supremacists). He is bad news and it could be argued that he is, unbelievably, less progressive than Trump.

Pence managed to secure Trump the fundamentalist Christian vote in 2016, meaning he already has a voter and donor base ready to go right after Trump either resigns or is impeached.

If a Vice-president is making preparations for his boss leaving office, you know that the President’s days are numbered.

The only problem is, with the Trump nightmare over, are we simply going to walk straight into another?

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