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Trump Just Called An Urgent Meeting With His Lawyers

Trump Just Called An Urgent Meeting With His Lawyers

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On a busy day before he leaves for his first foreign trip as president, Donald Trump found time to convene a meeting of his personal legal team.

They came together to sort out what he needs to know, do and be aware of now that a Special Counsel has been appointed to look into the Russian interference in the 2016 election and any connections to Trump and his campaign. 

The discussion was to go over how the investigation would work, and what Trump and the administration will have to do to cooperate.

Trump has already been told by White House Counsel Don McGahn to retain all documents that could be requested and to be cautious about any comments he makes now that there is a special prosecutor involved, according to Politico. 

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“One objective: to keep Trump from hurting himself any further,” reports Politico. “Two senior administration officials said they believed Trump’s letter firing [FBI Director James] Comey was a mistake.”

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Among those who participated in the White House meeting was Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime lawyer at the Trump Organization, who traveled from New York City to attend.


For many years Cohen has been the lawyer who Trump used to respond to critics, or explain some questionable business practice, or to provide a warning to anyone that was acting in a way that brought objections from Trump.

The real challenge for Trump will be to control his penchant for blurting things out or tweeting inappropriate thoughts or threats, which now could all become fodder for the on-going investigation. 

There may not be enough lawyers on the planet to keep Trump from doing damage to himself. The White Hosue staff has certainly not been successful in their efforts to keep the boss on-script and away from his phone (where he tweets). We will see if his lawyers and the pending results of the investigation get him to straighten out.



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