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A Republican Congressman Just Gave Trump The News He Dreaded After Flynn Bombshell

A Republican Congressman Just Gave Trump The News He Dreaded After Flynn Bombshell

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The Congressional fallout has begun after revelations that Michael Flynn used his short stint as National Security Advisor to sway U.S. policy at the behest of Turkey, who was also employing him, even after Trump knew that he was under investigation for his conflicting allegiances. (Video below.)

Yesterday, two Republicans in Congress called accusations against Trump “impeachable” offenses if true. Today, another Member is turning on Trump, calling his judgment “indefensible.”

The remarkable about-face for Congressman Charlie Dent (R-PA) comes just hours after he appeared on CNN last night and sidestepped the issue of Flynn, saying, “I’ll give the President credit, he also appointed a lot of very good people to the national security team.”

This morning however, Dent realized that standing by Trump is a fool’s errand he cannot continue. In the below clip, he said, “I really can’t defend that. That’s indefensible.” (Beginning at the 4:45 mark.)

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In the past four months, Trump has been allowed to continue his reckless reign not by any loophole in the law but by the Republican obsequiousness in Congress that enabled him. Now, if only to save face and their own skin, Trump’s crucial Republican support is chipping away.

Republicans in Congress don’t want to go down with this sinking ship. We continue to wait for them to turn their words into action.

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