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Trump Just Whined About A ‘Witch Hunt.’ Salem’s Representative’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Just Whined About A ‘Witch Hunt.’ Salem’s Representative’s Response Is Perfect

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The right loves to insult anyone who rejects Trump’s racist, xenophobic agenda. Their favorite derogatory word – snowflake – is aimed at bashing what they see as a penchant for whining amongst liberals. The great irony is that their president loves to complain more than anyone in the public eye. Trump has a deep-rooted victim complex, despite the fact that he’s the most powerful man in the world and despite the fact that all the criticism and vitriol aimed at him stems directly from his own words and actions.

Early this morning, Trump took to Twitter to complain about yesterday’s appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate his Russia connections:

The glaring problem with Trump’s message is the implication that he’s innocent. Evidence continues to pile up that he is anything but. It’s not a witch hunt if there’s actually a witch.

Unable to resist the urge to poke fun at the mercurial president, a Democratic congressman from Massacchussets Tweeted:

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Salem was, of course, the site of the famous historical Salem witch trials in the late 1600’s in which innocent men and women – mostly women – were persecuted for practicing black magic. Twenty people were executed and several others died in prison.

As fitting as Moulton’s response is, it’s unlikely Trump will even get the joke. He knows practically nothing about history and rarely reads anything other than his Twitter feed. That’s the problem with insulting ignoramuses: sometimes they don’t even realize they’ve been insulted.

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