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Trump May End White House Press Briefings. Bush’s Speechwriter’s Response Is Perfect

Trump May End White House Press Briefings. Bush’s Speechwriter’s Response Is Perfect

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Politico just broke the news that Sean Spicer might be cutting back on his on-camera briefings. The embattled White House communications team has struggled increasingly in recent weeks to defend Trump’s outrageous lies and constant reversals. In return for their unswerving loyalty and complicity, the president has scapegoated them for his personal blunders.

Whether Trump is moving towards removing white house press briefings entirely like he previously suggested, or simply shifting  Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee into a more publicly prominent role is still unclear. If it’s the former, common wisdom would say that Trump is doing a grave disservice to the American public.

In an insightful Twitter thread David Frum, George W. Bush’s former speechwriter, offered his analysis of the news. His most salient point is that Trump removing or reducing the number of press briefings is another sign that his presidency is failing. It’s an uncharacteristic move for Trump who on the campaign trail repeatedly chose to attack his opponents rather than spend time defending his own scandals.

“It’s shifting from offense to defense, like an exhausted boxer who quits throwing punches and instead just feebly tries to fight back,” Frum said.

Frum offered his full take on the situation:


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Frum sees the end of the Trump presidency nearing. The administration is in disarray, and Frum is urging the resistance to stay strong and keep pushing backing against the duplicitous White House. The regume is starting to falter.

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