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Anderson Cooper Just Shut Down A Trump Fan With This Hilarious Quip

Anderson Cooper Just Shut Down A Trump Fan With This Hilarious Quip

The avalanche of highly embarrassing and politically devastating news revelations this week has put President Trump’s surrogates and communications staff in a very awkward position as they try to somehow explain away the obvious guilt being exhibited by the White House these days.

Some of them are still unfazed, however, blindly marching on and using every lowbrow trick in the book to obfuscate, excuse, or distract the media from the giant dumpsterfire that is the Donald Trump presidency.

Conservative pundit Jeffery Lord, who is still employed by CNN for some inexplicable reason, went on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight in order to defend the President’s disturbing conversation with the Russian foreign minister and Ambassador.

His argument consisted largely of “because he’s the President he can say what he likes,” and Cooper finally grew impatient with that nonsense, telling him in that if Trump defecated upon his desk, Lord would still defend it!

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His crude terms underscore the frustration that the nation feels with conservatives these days, who are nigh-fanatical in their devotion to Trump, dismissing any criticism as “liberal bias” and “fake news” while regurgitating outright lies and outrageous conspiracy theories at every opportunity.

If Trump really did as Cooper said, Jeffery Lord would certainly shine that turd and call it gold. It really makes you question why bother having him on at all. The effort to appear nonpartisan is wasted on a conservative audience who have long ago discarded CNN in favor of FOX News, Breitbart, and a Facebook page probably called FreedomEagle357. 

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