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U.S. Spies Caught Russian Officials Bragging About Using Flynn To Influence Trump

U.S. Spies Caught Russian Officials Bragging About Using Flynn To Influence Trump

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U.S. intelligence sources just revealed that they had caught Russian officials boasting before the election that they were confident they’d flipped Michael Flynn and that they’d be able to use him to influence Trump were he to win the election.

CNN’s justice correspondent Pamela Brown delivered the news to Anderson Cooper just minutes ago:

“Multiple sources are telling CNN that Russian Officials bragged in conversations during the campaign that they’d cultivate such a strong relationship with former Trump advisor Michael Flynn that they believed that they could use him to influence Donald Trump and his team. Those conversations deeply concerned intelligence officials and it even impacted what intelligence the incoming administration was privy to because some Obama intelligence officials acted on their own to limit how much sensitive information they shared with Flynn.”

These intercepted communications undermine one of President Trump’s few remaining talking-point defensive lines, that there’s no ‘there’ there in the Russia investigation and that it’s all a ruse. Clearly, Michael Flynn is the ‘there,’ and why the President continues to defend him so unconditionally remains a mystery.

This makes Trump’s decision to leave Flynn in the role of National Security Advisor for an additional three weeks after he was informed by Acting Attorney General Sally Yates that Flynn had been compromised by the Russians even more damning. One trembles to think about the classified information that Flynn might have slipped to our enemies during that time. These revelations drastically raise the stakes of the investigation into Trump and his team’s Russian connections – and makes it so much more vital that we get to the bottom of this torrid affair.

You can watch the breaking news announcement on CNN below.

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