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Here Are Some Of The Ridiculous Ways Foreign Leaders Will Have To Handle Trump On His Trip Abroad

Here Are Some Of The Ridiculous Ways Foreign Leaders Will Have To Handle Trump On His Trip Abroad

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President Donald Trump is due to begin his first state trip abroad. He will be visiting Saudi Arabia, Israel, The Vatican, Italy and Belgium.

And, of course, the national embarrassment has already begun.

The New York Times has reported today that embassies, ambassadors, dignitaries and civil servants around the world have been discussing how best to host the President. Three key points have been raised for those hoping to successfully entertain the tantrum-prone man-child:

  1. Compliment Trump on his electoral college victory, and compare him favorably with President Obama.
  2. Don’t expect him to know anything about your country’s history, culture or pressing issues.
  3. Ensure presentations are short to reflect Trump’s very limited attention span and avoid bringing up a lot of issues, especially complicated ones.

Peter Westmacott, a former British ambassador to the U.S., told the New York Times:

“If you were prepping people for Donald Trump, the two or three points would be: one, bear in mind this is still a guy who focuses on wins. Secondly, he is a deal maker, a pragmatist. Third, this is a guy with a limited attention span. He absolutely won’t listen to visitors droning on for a half-hour — or longer if they need an interpreter.”

Trump will begin his trip today, making his first stop in Saudi Arabia. Trump has unsuccessfully tried to shorten the length of the trip from nine days to five after expressing dread at the length of it.

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Trump is a national embarrassment. Not only does he disrespect his hosts by knowing little to nothing about local customs and history, but he doesn’t even have the manners to sit and listen to them for longer than four minutes.

On top of that, he’s still obsessed with his “victory” six months ago when Hillary Clinton gained nearly 3 million more votes than he did.

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Let’s just pray he doesn’t permanently damage relations by insulting any world leaders.

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