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Trump Just Did Exactly What He Criticized Obama For In Saudi Arabia

Trump Just Did Exactly What He Criticized Obama For In Saudi Arabia

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Last night, President Trump touched down in Riyadh, capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the would-be dictator is being given the royal treatment by his hosts.

Eager to please the man who is about to sell them a quarter of a trillion dollars worth of sophisticated weaponry and fuel the Saudi regime’s horrifying slaughter of the Yemeni people for at least another decade, the Saudis rolled out the red carpet for the easily impressed and attention-addicted Trump.

That treatment included the bestowing of a golden chain by King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud, after which it is customary to bow to show respect for your host.

That honor that was also shown to President Obama, who bowed after he put the chain on – an act which Trump loudly criticized the President for.

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Trump was so adamant about not showing deference that he apparently told his staff that anyone who bowed would be “on the next flight home:”

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Which makes it odd that Trump himself, when bestowed with the chain, decided to curtsy, as is traditionally done by women. While we of course respect Trump’s right to adopt any gender roles he chooses, it is a peculiar choice of action for a man who desperately fights so relentlessly to assert his masculinity.

That didn’t stop Trump’s official propaganda arm, FOX News, from going into full-on cult of personality hero worship in a pathetic attempt to cover for their Great Leader’s deficiences despite all the widely available evidence to the contrary.

The kicker, though, is the difference between the way the gold chains were distributed. President Obama put his on around his own neck, while Trump the Boy-King insisted on having it placed on his shoulders.

The difference between a real leader and a sycophantic wannabe couldn’t be more clear.


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