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FOX News Just Called Manchester A “Hotbed” Of Terror. This Resident’s Response Is Perfect

FOX News Just Called Manchester A “Hotbed” Of Terror. This Resident’s Response Is Perfect

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Just hours after the deadly explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, United Kingdom, FOX News pundits were already taking to social media to give their uninformed and heavily prejudiced takes on the horrifying tragedy, eager to exploit the pain and suffering of others to promote their Islamophobic agenda.

FOX talking head Geraldo Rivera, who suddenly discovered that he was an expert in English demographics and counter-terrorism, announced to all that two unrelated events meant that Manchester was now a “hot bed” of Islamic radicalism, with all the anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic connotations his barely concealed dog-whistle implied.

It didn’t take long before an actual Manchester resident to fire back and set him in his place.

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As soon as the horrible news broke, Manchester’s taxi services – which appear to be largely Muslim – immediately began traveling to the scene and offered free rides home to those at the concert.

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While this does appear to have the hallmarks of a terrorist attack inspired by Daesh (ISIS/ISIL), that doesn’t change the fact that nearly three million Muslims live in the United Kingdom and are happy, productive members of society.

It is absolutely disgusting to see FOX pundits shifting into full-on fearmongering mode before we have any details at all on what actually happened.


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