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Trump Was Too Tired To Fulfill His Presidential Responsibilities Yesterday

Trump Was Too Tired To Fulfill His Presidential Responsibilities Yesterday

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President Donald Trump’s trip abroad has so far been quite eventful. The internet has already exploded over images of Trump, along with the Saudi King Salman and Egyptian Dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi placing their hands on a glowing orb, reminiscent of Marvel’s evil organization Hydra.

Too eventful, it seems, for the President who yesterday excused himself from a scheduled event at Riyadh’s youth forum. The President sent his daughter Ivanka in his place.

When asked by reporters why the President had deviated from the plan, a White House official said he was “Just an exhausted guy.”

Guests at the event were informed that the president would not be appearing, however there would be a “surprise guest” – Ivanka.

Some surprise.

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Ivanka gave a three-minute speech, during which she thanked the Saudis for their hospitality. The event was supposed to discuss how to combat extremism on social media.

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“Social media is an incredibly powerful tool which empowers the people,” Ivanka said.

This is pretty ironic when, during the election, Trump criticized Hillary Clinton for her “lack of stamina” when footage emerged of her being assisted into a car after a lengthy 9/11 memorial ceremony.

Trump has yet to face criticism for his own exhaustion a mere three days into a nine-day trip.

This is also the second time in a week that Ivanka has replaced her father. Las week Ivanka led a White House meeting on human trafficking while Trump was addressing the US Coast Guard Academy.

It must be exhausting for Trump, enjoying someone else’s hospitality, holding all these meetings where he signs off on billions of weapons for a violent autocratic regime.

It must also have been very physically taxing when he ignored Saudi war crimes in Yemen, or the fact that the current wave of Sunni terrorism is facilitated and financed in part by the Saudi regime.

But we always knew Trump was lazy when it came to serving the American people. Whereas President Obama would wake up, work out, then read his daily briefings, Trump wakes up and immediately switches on Fox News. Obama would stay up working until the early hours, while Trump finishes in the evening (when it’s still daytime on the West coast) in time for his favorite cable shows.

This trip abroad is no different.

If the President can’t be bothered to honor the schedule organized by his staff and his hosts, why did he even bother going in the first place?

Oh, that’s right, to sell weapons to dictators and despots.

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