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Trump’s Flynn Just Responded To His Senate Subpoena Just As A Guilty Criminal Would

Trump’s Flynn Just Responded To His Senate Subpoena Just As A Guilty Criminal Would

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While Trump is off stumbling through gaffe after gaffe in the Middle East, trouble continues to brew for him back home. With talk of impeachment whispering throughout D.C., Trump’s former cronies are panicking. His presidency teeters towards total collapse, and those involved are racing to save themselves.

The Associated Press reports that Michael Flynn will decline the subpoena from the Senate Intelligence Committee, invoking the 5th Amendment to avoid having to testify.

The 5th Amendment gives U.S. citizens the right to avoid self-incrimination, that is to say, no person can be forced to testify against oneself. Flynn’s decision strongly suggests guilt. He appears to believe that giving an honest testimony would be self-destructive. If he were innocent there would be no reason to not testify before the Senate. In fact, were he innocent, Flynn would no doubt be eager to testify to clear his own name and Donald Trump’s.

As is so often the case with the blunderer-in-chief, Trump’s own words have come back to haunt him.  While on the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly hammered Hillary Clinton and her team for the handling of her emails. In a shockingly prescient statement, Trump said that only guilty people plead the Fifth, comparing it to the behavior of mobsters.


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It seems that for once, Trump may be right. Flynn’s guilt grows more apparent by the day and the trail of criminality leads right back to the White House. With his refusal to testify, he has laid another brick in the road towards Trump’s impeachment.

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