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Trump Just Hired A Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

Trump Just Hired A Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

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Being president isn’t easy, even less so when you’re an incompetent ignoramus with no government experience, a lack of basic common sense, and a growing list of possible treasonous connections to Russia. The former two still doesn’t seem to bother Trump as he plods along from mistake to mistake, but the latter is clearly starting to worry him.

CNN reports that Trump plans to hire attorney Marc Kasowitz to defend him from the investigation into his campaign’s Russia connections.

The move is a clear indication that Trump expects the investigation to heat up further. He knows he’s in trouble, and he’s bringing in the big guns. Trump has hired Kasowitz numerous times in the past, notably to attack The New York Times last year after they printed several women’s sexual assault allegations against Trump. There’s a bit of a trend here for Kasowitz, as he has also defended sexual predator Bill O’Reilly in the past.

Although it’s unlikely that anyone forgets, it’s worth nothing that Trump was later caught on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women by “grabbing them by the pussy.” It seems very, very likely that the NYT sexual assault allegations were firmly rooted in real events. All of which is to say, when Trump is caught red-handed engaging in egregious, immoral, and illegal activity, he calls Kasowitz to save him.

Trump is a creature of habit and so his decision to hire his friend Kasowitz – who doesn’t specialize in intelligence investigation defense – is hardly surprising, but could prove a mistake. Whether the attorney will be up to the task remains to be seen.

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