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Democrats Just Flipped ANOTHER Republican District. Trump Won This One By 23%

Democrats Just Flipped ANOTHER Republican District. Trump Won This One By 23%

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Early last night, progressives were ecstatic after Democrat Edith DesMarais flipped a New Hampshire State legislative seat that Donald Trump won by seven percent. Turns out, Democrats were just getting started.

In the special election to fill a Long Island seat on New York’s State Legislature, progressive Democrat Christine Pellegrino handily defeated her conservative Republican opponent, Thomas Gargiulo, 58-42%.

Just six months ago, Trump won the district by 27% and a Republican won the same seat by 37% — an astounding 53-point swing.

The district’s about-face is far from a stand alone victory.

Democrats need 24 pick-ups to take back the House of Representatives next year and have the opportunity to get a head-start with two huge special congressional elections coming up in Montana (this Thursday) and Georgia (June 20). In both races, polls show the Democrat with a strong chance to flip a U.S. House seat considered solidly Republican only a few months ago.

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All four special elections reflect a national rejection of today’s Republican Party and portend a national Democratic wave with the potential to take back Congress and replace today’s obsequious Republican enablers with true public servants who will hold this government accountable to the American people.

Much work lies ahead to fix our broken government. But the active resistance and new leaders — DesMarais, Gargiulo, Quist, Ossoff, and others — have Democrats exactly where we need to be to win going forward.

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