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A Top Congressman Just Took The First Step Towards Trump’s Impeachment

A Top Congressman Just Took The First Step Towards Trump’s Impeachment

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Rep. Al Green (D-TX) has emerged as one of President Trump’s loudest critics, and he has just said the words our nation is dying to hear in an interview on C-SPAN:

“We will move forward, and as a matter of fact, I am currently crafting, drafting if you will, articles of impeachment.”

Green has not yet established when he will file the articles, but says he is in deep consultation with constitutional lawyers and his fellow Democrats – and isn’t afraid to go at it alone. “At some point, we’ll wait to see what others will do, and if no one else does, the president has committed an impeachable act, and I will take it upon myself to do that.”

Al Green made headlines last week for appearing on the House floor and calling for Trump’s impeachment – and for the tidal wave of death threats and racist hate mail he received from Trump’s rabid fans.

Impeachment itself, however, might have to wait until 2018, as Republicans control both houses of Congress and the spineless cowards are showing no sign of being ready to put country over party anytime soon.

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But the victories that Democrats won yesterday in New Hampshire and New York are very encouraging signs that a colossal Democratic tidal wave is preparing to flood the voting booth next year – and we might finally rid ourselves of our national nightmare.

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