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Trump Just Revealed Closely Kept Nuclear Secrets To A Hostile Foreign Leader

Trump Just Revealed Closely Kept Nuclear Secrets To A Hostile Foreign Leader

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After having campaigned primarily on bashing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s poorly considered but ultimately harmless mishandling of low-classified information, it is stunning to see President Trump openly flaunt the most basic concerns for our nation’s classified information.

Far from keeping our nation’s top secrets close to his chest, he shares them to any who will listen with all the eagerness of a gossipy schoolboy eager to impress his peers.

Reuters has just learned that Trump gave away the location of two U.S. Navy “nuclear submarines” who are currently en route to the Korean Peninsula during his phone call with President Rodrigo Duterte of the Phillippines.

It should be noted that Trump did not distinguish nor possibly knows the difference between our nuclear-armed submarines – of which there are just a handful – or our nuclear-powered submarines – of which there are much more.

But goes without saying that the location of our nuclear-missile armed submarines is one of our nation’s most closely guarded secrets. They act as a crucial part of the nuclear deterrent – if all of America’s nuclear missiles are destroyed on land, there are still those under the sea.

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Business Insider reports that “as a matter of national security, only the captains and crew of the submarines know for sure where they’re located.” But even giving away a vague approximation of their journey is an appalling violation of national security protocols.

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Last week, he gave highly classified intelligence obtained by the Israelis to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister, boasting that he had “the best intel.” It’s clear that this little nugget to Duterete was also a boast, and that Trump meant “nuclear armed” submarines – why would he call attention to a nuclear-powered submarine when there is already a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier alongside Korean peninsula?

The fact that he’s giving away this information to Rodrigo Duterte, the insane deathlord of the Phillippines who personally has admitted to executing drug dealers and whose death squads have killed thousands, is beyond comprehension.

It’s clear at this point that the Republican Party, those self-appointed Crusaders For The Proper Handling Of Classified Information, has nothing to say about the fact that President Trump cannot be trusted with any classified information. Their cowardice and his ignorance together pose a monumental threat to our national security.


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