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Trump’s New Budget Has A $2 Trillion Error. Chelsea Clinton’s Response Is Hilarious

Trump’s New Budget Has A $2 Trillion Error. Chelsea Clinton’s Response Is Hilarious

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Trump’s absurd budget is being savaged by Democrats and Republicans alike. Chief amongst the criticisms is the $2 trillion math error that Trump’s team made.

The proposed plan claims it will cover deep tax cuts without decreasing military or retirement funding by assuming a near-magical $2 trillion increase in revenue, but also claims it will go a step further and balance the federal budget. Essentially, Trump’s team is counting the number twice.

As usual with an administration that refuses to admit when it’s wrong, Budget Director Mick Mulvaney defended the patently inaccurate accounting.

“I’m aware of the criticisms and would simply come back and say there’s other places where we were probably overly conservative in our accounting. We stand by the numbers,” Mulvaney said, without offering any evidence to back up his assertion.

Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter to mock Mulvaney’s ridiculous defense:

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The tweet is, of course, a reference to Trump surrogate Kellyanne Conway’s preposterous statement that the administration doesn’t lie, it simply offers “alternative facts.” There are facts, and there are lies, just like there are accurate numbers, and there are mistakes. In both cases, Trump’s team seems to prefer the latter.

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