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Trump Just Chickened Out Of Addressing The Israeli Parliament For A Pathetic Reason

Trump Just Chickened Out Of Addressing The Israeli Parliament For A Pathetic Reason

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President Trump’s “big foreign trip” has had its fair share of gaffes and embarrassing moments for the President – and that’s even without his team doing everything they could to protect President Snowflake’s hypersensitive ego.

It turns out that U.S. officials refused an Israeli proposal for Trump to give a speech to parliament – the Knesset – because they were worried that notoriously outspoken lawmakers would “heckle and interrupt” him.

Speaker Yuli Edelstein told Israel’s Army Radio that “the possibility was explored as a first option, and it was dropped from the agenda because it was clear that the president wouldn’t be able to speak without interjection.”

The irony is almost too much to bear. President Trump succeeded in the primaries by gleefully interrupting his admittedly vapid, milquetoast rivals at every opportunity during the debates; he then continued to do so against Hillary Clinton, to the disgust of the nation.

Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush all addressed the Knesset; President Obama went to a university instead.

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President Trump, on the other hand, held a short press conference in which he wandered around in a daze before admitting he gave classified Israeli information to the Russians.

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For a man who complains about “political correctness” and that people are “too sensitive,” it is an absolute disgrace to see that he can’t even deal with a couple of hecklers.

Here’s an example of how rowdy the Knesset can get:

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