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Trump’s Muslim Ban Just Suffered Another Major Defeat

Trump’s Muslim Ban Just Suffered Another Major Defeat

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Since taking the White House, Trump has done everything in his power to push his bigoted, unconstitutional agenda. Thankfully, his proposed Muslim Ban has been repeatedly struck down by the courts. Today, Trump racked up his latest defeat.

The 4th Circuit Court in Virginia just ruled against Trump’s Muslim Ban.

The draft under consideration was the second version of the executive order. The White House was forced to revise it after the first version was overwhelmingly overruled. The court convened on May 8th to hear the case and issued their verdict today.

The 4th Circuit Court was tasked with deciding whether or not the other courts were correct in considering Trumps’ previous statements when reviewing the executive order, instead of focusing solely on the text of the order. Previous courts ruled that the order violated the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. The ACLU offered arguments before the 4th Circuit, saying that Trump’s comments were relevant to the illegality of the executive order since they demonstrate a strong animus towards Muslims.

Trump’s campaign rhetoric has been crucial in defeating the executive order over and over again. He explicitly called for a ban on all Muslim immigration during his campaign. Once he signed the executive order, his administration pivoted and tried to insist it was not a Muslim ban, despite the fact that it singled out only Muslim majority countries.

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The same day the court met to hear the case, in an implicit confession of guilt, Trump’s team deleted a promise on his website specifically calling for a Muslim Ban:


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Now that the 4th Circuit has overruled the ban, Trump’s last hope is the Supreme Court, should he choose to take it that far. Hopefully, our highest court shows the same sense and courage that our lower courts have, and moves to strike down the Muslim ban entirely.

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