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A Former Kushner Employee Just Broke Her Silence On Trump’s ‘Sh*thead’ Son-In-Law‬

A Former Kushner Employee Just Broke Her Silence On Trump’s ‘Sh*thead’ Son-In-Law‬

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President Donald Trump has put his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in charge of many important issues. Kushner is reorganizing the entire executive branch of government, attempting to secure peace in the middle east and solving the opioid crisis.

Never mind that Kushner has no experience in any of these fields, right?

But who is Jared Kushner? Politico have published an in-depth report on the man, including interviews with people who knew him before he got his job at the White House.

Much of the report focuses on Kushner’s ownership of the New York Newspaper the New York Observer.  One New York real estate broker said:

“The Observer became his mouthpiece in the world of New York City real estate.”

One of the Observer’s former employees, Harleen Kahlon, had a few things to say about Kushner and her time at the newspaper:

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“We’re talking about a guy who isn’t particularly bright or hard-working, doesn’t actually know anything, has bought his way into everything ever (with money he got from his criminal father), who is deeply insecure and obsessed with fame (you don’t buy the NYO, marry Ivanka Trump, or constantly talk about the phone calls you get from celebrities if it’s in your nature to ‘shun the spotlight’), and who is basically a shithead.”

Kahlon was hired by Kushner to revamp the Observer’s website. He would enter her office for a weekly one-on-one meeting, put his feet on her desk and “compensate his lack of knowledge by saying stuff like, ‘Let’s just blow up the whole concept of digital.’ It would sort of sound interesting for a second and then you would just forget about it and get on with the work.”

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This sounds a lot like his father-in-law, who compensates for his own lack of knowledge with wild exaggerations and repetitive adjectives.

Kahlon quit the Observer after she went to collect a performance based bonus she and Kushner had agreed upon. Kushner informed her that the newspaper couldn’t pay, citing financial concerns, and asked her to “take one for the team.”

Politico writes that “It has always been part of the Kushner Way: unfailingly polite and urbane on the surface, while searching for the soft underbelly to stick the knife in.”

Politico’s article summarises Kushner as a ruthless individual who succeeds via persistence and good strategy, but also has a significant degree of inexperience. A real estate attorney is quoted as saying: “you see some kid pull these audacious deals and then you see them sucking wind. People are waiting for him to fall on his face.”

Kushner is also dishonest, as the episode with Kahlon’s bonus demonstrates. When the Observer finally became profitable Kushner cut staff, page counts and got rid of editors if they didn’t agree with his agenda.

This man is as aggressively capitalist as it gets.

Kushner Companies have bought thousands of low-income apartment complexes in Rust Belt cities over the last few years. They ruthlessly evicted tenants that didn’t pay rent, failed to renovate properties, pursued payments from tenants who lived in the properties before Kushner even owned them and aggressively fined tenants for the most trivial of offences.

This is the man who is advising the President. A “shithead” who swindles people out of their hard-earned cash, brags about knowing celebrities, shamelessly plugs his own agenda and pursues poor people for measly amounts of rent money, kicking them out of their homes when they can’t afford to pay.

Jared Kushner is a shameful individual, and he is a perfect fit for the Trump administration.

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