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Leak Just Revealed U.S. Security Official Apologized To World Leaders for ‘Idiot’ Trump

Leak Just Revealed U.S. Security Official Apologized To World Leaders for ‘Idiot’ Trump

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President Trump’s first trip abroad has been a constant slap in the face to America’s closest allies, and U.S. National Security officials feel that it is jeopardizing our country’s safety and standing in the world.

Now, career security professionals are in damage control mode and it doesn’t appear to be going well. Below’s account from Wall Street Journal White House reporter Eli Stokols reveals the lengths to which officials are going to clean up Trump’s mess:

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While Trump’s many gaffe’s and blunders are providing great fodder for comedians, it’s the actual actions of his regime that have allies concerned. With each step and statement, Trump seems to be distancing the United States from free, Democratic nations in favor of authoritarian regimes, including Russia (which went to great lengths to get him elected), Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines.

Naturally, this is a serious concern for our allies working for a more peaceful, equal, and democratic planet. It is understandable that in this case, sorry is not good enough.

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