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Sean Spicer’s Defense Of Trump’s “Covfefe” Tweet Just Made White House Reporters Burst Out Laughing

Sean Spicer’s Defense Of Trump’s “Covfefe” Tweet Just Made White House Reporters Burst Out Laughing

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Trump set the cyber world abuzz last night when he sent out a garbled tweet:

“Covfefe” was soon trending online, as users mocked the obvious typo. Strangely, the nonsensical tweet stayed up for several hours before it was deleted. Users rushed to invent hilarious interpretations of the phrase.

Today, Trump tweeted out a covfefe follow-up, trying to play it off as a joke, or perhaps, more absurdly, a code word.

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Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer just doubled down on the absurdity. When questioned by reporters about the tweet, Spicer refused to admit it was a simple mistake that had been overlooked, insisting instead that “the president and a small group pf people know exactly what he meant.”


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At this point, Spicer has shed any last bits of dignity he may have been holding onto. He has been reduced to creating ludicrous cover stories for typos. More disturbingly, the White House seems to think the American public is stupid enough to believe a story like this.

The reality is far more simple. Trump made a mistake, and his team is so disengaged and chaotic that no one noticed it, so it took hours to remove. At that point, they decided to lean into it and lie in the hopes that it would give them the illusion of competency. They’ve failed miserably.

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