Alec Baldwin Just Gave Kathy Griffin The Perfect Advice On Dealing With Trump

With the fallout over the controversial photo of Kathy Griffin holding an obviously-fake severed head of Donald Trump continuing to reverberate, actor and SNL Trump doppelganger Alec Baldwin had some sage advice for the embattled comedienne who has been fired by CNN and lost bookings over the incident.

In an open letter to Griffin on Twitter, Baldwin, no stranger to controversy himself, referred back to his own experience as a target of fake Republican outrage in telling her how he thought she should move forward from here.

Now that was a serious burn!

Still, as much as we’d all like to ignore Trump, he still has the nuclear codes, still can destroy the future of the planet with his crackpot climate change denial, and still is nominally the “leader” of our country. Let’s hope that the special prosecutor can finish his investigation quickly to remedy these facts on the ground as soon as possible.

Add your name to the millions demanding the President stop using tax dollars for indulgences. MAKE TRUMP PAY HIS OWN WAY!

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