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CNN Host Just Laughed In Nikki Haley’s Face After Defending Trump’s Paris Climate Pact Move

CNN Host Just Laughed In Nikki Haley’s Face After Defending Trump’s Paris Climate Pact Move

In an interview that will air on tomorrow’s “State of the Union” on CNN, host Jake Tapper confronted Trump’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley about pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Her answer left him laughing.

Tapper began the segment with a softball question for Haley, giving her the opportunity to disavow Trump’s previous and ridiculous claim that climate change was a concept created by the Chinese for economic purposes. Dodging the question, Haley pivots to a tepid excuse for Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.

“What I will tell you is that the regulations from the Paris agreement were disadvantaging our companies. The jobs were not attainable as long as we had to live under those regulations. It wasn’t possible to meet the conditions under the Paris agreement. We’ve got a president who is going to watch out for the environment. The rest of the world wanted to tell us how to do it and we’re saying we will do it but under our terms.”

At this point, Tapper loses his composure, explaining that “the standards were set by the United States for the United States.”

“No, the standards were set by President Obama,” she retorted.

“My point is,” Tapper clarified, “that you said the world is imposing standards on the United States. President Obama — the president of the United States at the time — set the standards.”

By Haley’s logic, if Obama can’t unilaterally represent the United States as he did with the signing of the incredibly popular Paris Climate Agreement, Trump can no less unilaterally represent the United States by withdrawing from it. Of course, Haley would not be the first Trump surrogate to contradict herself. Tapper’s response, however, is exactly how America feels.

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