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Trump Just Attacked London’s Mayor. J.K. Rowling’s Response Is Perfect.

Trump Just Attacked London’s Mayor. J.K. Rowling’s Response Is Perfect.


There’s an old saying in public relations: “never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.”  In an era when newspaper barons could make or break someone’s public image, it was wise to keep that in mind. In the age of social media, however, the new adage should be, “never pick a fight with someone who gets paid by the word.”

Noted British author J.K. Rowling has been a consistent Twitter thorn in President Trump’s side since the campaign.  The prolific Harry Potter creator has even lost fans over it, something that doesn’t appear to have cost her a wink of sleep.

Rowling’s scathing and unrelenting tweet offensive against Trump has only increased after he took the oath of office.  And so, when the President picked-up his phone and proceeded to politicize yesterday’s terrorist attack in the country of her birth, you knew it was only a matter of time before the British writer lashed out.

The overall callousness and arrogance of Trump’s post-attack twitter storm chided most readers of them.  He decided the occasion offered the perfect opportunity to pat himself on the back for his own small-minded positions on issues like political correctness, gun control, and the unconstitutional travel ban that has yet to enter law.

Rowling took the high road and ignored those boasts by the President, but his attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan, whose own tweets encouraged calm and resilience as the attack unfolded, was a bridge too far for Rowling.

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